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Seeking Physician Approval for Medical Marijuana Cards in California.
Senate Bill 420 - Prop. 215 patients should begin by consulting with their own physicians about medical use of cannabis. If you don't have a
medical record of treatment for serious illness, you may not be eliigible for marijuana under Prop. 215. To qualify, patients must obtain a
physician's "
recommendation" or "approval" (NOT prescription) to use marijuana (SAMPLE recommendation form ). No official registration is
required. Marijuana can be recommended for ANY serious condition for which it provides relief; over 250 uses have been reported.

Many physicians wrongly fear that they can be prosecuted under federal law for recommending marijuana medically.  The Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals has upheld a permanent injunction by the U.S. District Court in Northern California forbidding the government from punishing
California doctors for recommending marijuana, provided they do not get involved in its distribution or sales. The US Supreme Court has
upheld the Ninth Circuit's ruling (Conant v. Walters: Oct. 15, 2003). Physicians are accordingly free to recommend marijuana for their patients,
so long as they don't actually assist them in obtaining it (see California NORML's Medical Marijuana Guidlines for Physicians). Over 1500
California physicians have recommended medical marijuana under Prop. 215. None have been federally prosecuted for doing so.
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